Penyuluhan Cara Cuci Tangan Bagi Pengunjung Rumah Sakit Universitas Mataram

Isna Kusuma Nintyastuti, Titi Pambudi Karuniawaty, Mohammad Rizki, Yunita Hapsari


Washing hands with soap for 20 seconds is an effective prevention effort against various infectious diseases. In the COVID-19 pandemic, mastery of good and correct hand washing by the wider community plays a major role in efforts to prevent disease transmission. Mataram University Hospital which is a hospital that serves as a vehicle for education is the right place to apply knowledge and disseminate knowledge to the wider community, especially hospital visitors about how to wash hands in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we do community service in the form of counseling on how to wash hands for visitors to the Mataram University Hospital. This service aims to increase the knowledge of visitors to the Mataram University Hospital on how to wash their hands. Counseling is carried out in the visitor's waiting room, both at registration, pharmacy and outpatient. Young doctors who are conducting education are also involved in this activity. Counseling is carried out by inviting the demonstrators to directly practice hand washing steps according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. During the period from August to October, there were 7 counseling sessions and hand washing practices for visitors to the Mataram University Hospital. The media used in the counseling were banners with pictures of hand washing steps and hand sanitizers for direct practice by visitors. The involvement of young doctors and good coordination with the education and health promotion sectors of the hospital support this activity.



counseling; washing hands; visitors; hospitals; covid-19

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